Our commitment to the environment is highlighted in the GLOREI Carbon Offset Initiative.

All homes, offices and buildings produce carbon emissions: from the energy used to cool them, to the paper they print on. The GLOREI Carbon Offset Initiative aims to compensate for the carbon emissions produced by our office: it allows us to give back to the environment. For maximum environmental benefit we have combined our offset initiative with the implementation of environmentally friendly practices within the office and a rigorous approach to recycling. We take pride in being one of the first companies in Oman to implement a Green Office Charter.

We are proud of the GLOREI Carbon Offset Initiative. It is typical of the innovative practice that characterizes GLOREI. As a company that is firmly committed to the community as well as the environment, we were keen that the program should be locally based and consequently be of direct benefit to Oman. We also intend to use the GLOREI Carbon Offset Initiative to raise environmental awareness in the sultanate and act as a source of inspiration, encouraging other organizations to follow our example.