Eng. Mohammed Abu Baker Al Ghassani

Eng. Mohammed Abu Baker Al Ghassani

With the grace from God Almighty, we have started implementing many development projects during the last period, with our various strategic partners, we initiated the development of a five-star hotel as Grand Millennium Hotel that that seeks to promote wellbeing through modern life style compatible and commensurate with the target segments of society.

Glorei launched, for the first time in the Sultanate, the services of “My Office”, which is a fully furnished and equipped office that provides businessmen with all the office support services required.

We have implemented two projects (Al Watiyah Office and Al Khuwair Office) in Al Watiyah and Al Khuwair in the Governorate of Muscat. The two buildings are complexes that include office spaces. Modern means and technologies have been provided that make them smart offices that provide their residents with the appropriate atmosphere to carry out business and reduce operating costs.

In addition, the company participated with a group of investors in establishing the Omani Company for Integrated Logistics Services as a closed Omani joint stock company, which started its operations in 2009 by providing integrated logistical solutions.

Our implementation of these projects comes within the framework of the implementation of the company’s development plan, which aims to meet the needs of the local market in terms of residential, commercial, tourism and industrial projects; thus, adding a new brick and dimension to the real estate sector segments that meet the requirements of the modern era, commensurate with the target segments and preserve our environment.